Monday, February 22, 2016

Cheap 6600mAh11.1V acer AS10D75 replacement laptop battery for Acer Aspire 4551G 4771G

This ACER AS10D75 laptop battery has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed.Brand new, never refurbished, 100% compatible, No memory effect.
AS10D75 laptop battery

Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 6600mAh
Volt: 11.1V
Original Price: NZ $263.01
Recent Price: NZ $ 131.51

ACER AS10D75 Replace battery part number:

  • BT.00607.125
  • BT.00603.111
  • BT.00606.008
  • BT.00607.127
  • AS10D41
  • AS10D31
  • AS10D3E
  • AS10D61
  • AS10D71
  • AS10G3E
  • AS10D75
  • 31CR19/65-2
  • 31CR19/652
  • 31CR19/66-2
  • 3ICR19/66-3
  • ACER AS10D75 compatible with models:

    Gateway NV49xx Series
    nv59c NV49C13c NV49C
    Packard Bell Easynote LM81, LM82, LM83, LM85, LM86, LM87, LM94, LM98
    Packard Bell Easynote TM01, TM80, TM81, TM82, TM83, TM85, TM86, TM87, TM89, TM94
    E-Machines eMachines E640G
    Acer Aspire 4551G 4771G 5741G
    Acer TravelMate 5740G Series
    ACER, Aspire 4000 SERIES
    AS4551-2615 AS45512615 AS4551-4315
    AS45514315 AS4551 Series
    Aspire 4551-2615, Aspire 45512615, Aspire 4551-4315, Aspire 45514315
    Aspire 4551 Series, Aspire 4551G Series, Aspire 4771G Series
    Aspire 4741 Series, Aspire 4771 Series
    ACER Aspire 5000 SERIES
    Aspire 5741G Series AS5741G Series AS5741-6073
    AS57416073, Aspire 5741-6073, Aspire 57416073
    AS5741-334G50Mn AS5741334G50Mn AS5741- 334G32Mn
    AS5741334G32Mn AS5741-332G25Mn AS5741332G25Mn
    AS5741- 333G32Mn AS5741333G32Mn AS5741G- 333G32Bn
    AS5741G333G32Bn AS5741-434G50Mn AS5741434G50Mn
    AS5741-433G32Mn AS5741433G32Mn, Aspire 5741-334G50Mn
    Aspire 5741334G50Mn, Aspire 5741-334G32Mn, Aspire 5741334G32Mn
    Aspire 5741- 332G25Mn, Aspire 5741332G25Mn, Aspire 5741- 333G32Mn
    Aspire 5741333G32Mn, Aspire 5741G-333G32Bn, Aspire 5741G333G32Bn
    Aspire 5741-434G50Mn, Aspire 5741434G50Mn, Aspire 5741-433G32Mn
    Aspire 5741433G32Mn AS5741-H32C/S AS5741H32C/S
    AS5741-H32C/SF AS5741H32C/SF AS5741-H54D/S
    AS5741H54D/S AS5741-H54D/SF AS5741H54D/SF
    AS5741- H54D/LS AS5741H54D/LS, Aspire 5741-H32C/S
    Aspire 5741H32C/S, Aspire 5741-H32C/SF, Aspire 5741H32C/SF
    Aspire 5741-H54D/S, Aspire 5741H54D/S, Aspire 5741-H54D/SF
    Aspire 5741H54D/SF, Aspire 5741-H54D/LS, Aspire 5741H54D/LS
    AS5741G-434G64Bn AS5741G434G64Bn AS5741G- 334G50Mn
    AS5741G334G50Mn AS5741G-334G64Mn AS5741G334G64Mn
    Aspire 5741G- 434G64Bn, Aspire 5741G434G64Bn, Aspire 5741G- 334G50Mn
    Aspire 5741G334G50Mn, Aspire 5741G-334G64Mn, Aspire 5741G334G64Mn
    Aspire 5741 Series
    TravelMate 5740-5896 TravelMate 57405896 TravelMate 5740- 6291
    TravelMate 57406291 TravelMate 5740-332G16Mn TravelMate 5740332G16Mn
    TravelMate 5740-332G25Mn TravelMate 5740332G25Mn TravelMate 5740-333G25Mn
    TravelMate 5740333G25Mn TravelMate 5740-333G32Mn TravelMate 5740333G32Mn
    TravelMate 5740G-334G32Mn TravelMate 5740G334G32Mn TM5740-5896
    TM57405896 TM5740-6291 TM57406291
    TM5740-332G16Mn TM5740332G16Mn TM5740- 332G25Mn
    TM5740332G25Mn TM5740-333G25Mn TM5740333G25Mn
    TTM5740-333G32Mn TTM5740333G32Mn TM5740G-334G32Mn
    TM5740G334G32Mn TravelMate 5740G Series

    How extended ACER AS10D75 battery life ?

    Don't left 6600mAh 11.1V lenovo notebook battery unused for a long time or place battery ACER AS10D75 in device for a long period of time, if the device is not used.

    Don't forget to charge your ACER AS10D75 laptop battery fully after receiving it because batteries may discharge during storing and shipping.

    Laptop battery undergo self-discharging when left unused. Always store a ACER AS10D75 battery pack in a fully charged stage for storage.

    Don´t short circuit terminal or store your ACER AS10D75 laptop battery pack with metal parts.

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